| Chemical Biology of Secondary Metabolism

Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry guided discovery of novel secondary metabolites, facilitates the discovery of novel compounds, potentially new drugs. Imaging mass spectrometry can visualize the metabolites of microbiomes, in the environment or in the clinic.

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Drug discovery

Bioassay guided discovery of novel secondary metabolites (natural products) from new microbial sources, combined with computational mining of biosynthetic clusters, evoltion-based screening, and mass spectrometry, will lead to new drugs.

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Recent publications


Evolution of fatty acid synthases

Fatty acid supplementation reveals differences in fatty acid metabolism. Published in Molecular Biosystems.


Advanced mechanistic "crosslinking"

ACP-enoyl reductase interaction. Published in JACS.

Metabolic engineering

Changing the flux of metabolites in an organism allows us to produce high-value molecules in several hosts. The introduction of new enzymes or the deletion of native enzymes, facilitates the production of fuel, plastics, drugs and others, in bacteria.

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